A JOURNEY of Faith: Moses Part 1

Lets explore the spiritual significance of the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites under the leadership of Moses. 

It started with an aged husband and wife (Abraham and Sarah) and the promise that they would become a great nation. The descendants of Abraham now number in the hundreds of thousands, and they have endured generations of slavery in Egypt. Under the leadership of Moses, the people leave Egypt and move toward the land of promise. But this difficult desert journey will last forty years. As we watch Moses lead the people of Israel in the desert, it becomes clear that God desires to be trusted. After experiencing generations of slavery in Egypt, they resemble a disorganized mob eager to complain and swift to return to idol worship. In the desert, they must learn to trust God.

Life in the desert is always challenging, but it provides one of the best places for faith to grow. A journey through the desert is a journey of trust.

We’re going to talk today about what happens when we find ourselves by surprise in an unlikely
place…the wilderness.

The wilderness can be deceiving, as quirky, and transformational. But you sure don’t think that when you first arrive there. The wilderness is a desolate place, a desert. Spiritually speaking, the wilderness is a season when you feel like God has deserted you. That’s why they call it the desert!


How do we find ourselves in the wilderness?

We usually get there one of two ways: through a crisis, or after a spiritual victory.

Moses got to the wilderness once each way. The first time was after a crisis – he had just murdered someone, so he ran away to the wilderness, where he lived for forty years until God called to him from the burning bush. The second time, Moses got to the wilderness on the heels of two huge victories – the Passover, and the parting of the Red Sea. So, sometimes a tragedy or a problem starts us on our wandering. Sometimes, we experience something sensational, such as God using us tremendously or speaking to us in a special way, and then all goes quiet, and we find ourselves in the wilderness.

Have you ever experienced a wilderness, a time of wandering and dryness in the desert, where you felt deserted by God?

•  A financial circumstance that is burying you
•  Waiting for an adoption to be finalized
•  Lacking clarity after graduation
•  Attempting to sell a house that has been on the market way too long
•  An illness that won’t go away
•  A family member who is rebelling
•  A dream that is turning to disappointment
Far from being times of spiritual stagnation, these desert experiences may provide the most powerful opportunities for our faith to develop.



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